Sunday, 18 March 2007

Silly & Cute

This is my baby girl Sarah.

She is about to turn 3 in April.

We have the typical 2 year old here. She likes to get into everything and all so get into mischief, she has me on my toes all the time.

Her personality is changing but I do know that she is a rumen....LOL

She loves the older sister and spends most of the day following her around when shes home from school.

I do know that I baby her, because she is my baby and she is also my last child to have. So I'm lapping up ever moment with her.

I love you Sar Bear!!!

When I See You Smile

This my eldest daughter Grace.

She is 7 and starting to act like a teenager already....LOL

When Lance and I found out we were having a girl we were wrapped, but not getting our hopes up to high.

When Grace was born we were thrilled. She was the first granddaughter and also our first baby girl, to spoil.... :D

Grace has this beautiful nature, she is kind, caring, and loving......Plus very messy, I have never meet a messy girl before and I'm constantly telling her to clean her room and but her washing out in the laundry.

She has just taken and interest in scrapbooking,
and she also likes all the girlie things like Bratz makeup and jewelery.

I love the way she mothers her little sister and protects her in every way. I hope that as they get older the bond gets greater.

I love you Boo!!!

My Boy Always

This is my youngest son Zachary.

He is 8.

Zachary has a loud personality and can be quite the clown at times.

He love the company of is brother and sisters, but also love to have alone time. He will go to the bedroom and play by himself for hours.

He also loves to draw and I think that he has a very creative imagination.

He is also has a very caring nature he will always putting other peoples feeling first before his.

He also is the loudest of all my children, I know that I have to tell him to turn is volume down quite often...LOL and I think that his funny sense of humor is what makes is so loud he love to be the clown and make people laugh.

I love you my little clown!!! Zac

All Boy

This is my eldest son Shannon.

He is 11 going on 21...LOL

Shannon has this wonderful personality, he is kind, funny, moody and emotional, but this is what makes Shannon who he is.

I love the fact that even being 11 he will still come up and give me a cuddle and tell me that he loves me.

He absolutely loves computer and play stations, if he had his way he would be on them all the time, like any other child at his age.

Shannon is in is last year of primary school and I scared and apprehensive for him, but he seems to be really cool with it. I just cannot believe that he will be in high school, when I still can remember holding him in my arm after he was born.

Where have all those years gone. I love that he is my first born and that I will always have that special bond with him.

I love you Shazza!!!

Saturday, 17 March 2007

Live Love Laugh

This is my partner in crime Lance....LOL

We have been together 16 years this July and we have been married 13 years this November.

We meet in our 2nd year of college and we have just grown together and created a wonderful family together.

I know that Lance is my sole mate and that we will grow old together until the end of time. He is my best friend and we share everything and keep no secrets. I believe that our bond is so great because we communicate and enjoy each others company.

We still know when to give each other our own space and do what we enjoy doing.

I can not imagine not spending my days with this man, who I truly love with every inch of my heart.

I love you so Stumpy!!!

Slice Of Heaven

My little slice of heaven is this room.

When I'm ready to do a layout, I love sitting here and creating memories.

I have a bookcase on my desk with all my favorite products in front of me. I have sat here to the wee hours in the morning, I love also scrapping in here of an afternoon when the sun is streaming in the window.

In my cupboard I have all my pattern paper, card stock, stamps and larger embellishments. Also my photo's and albums so the are not in the sunlight and will not fade.

I also have our computer in my scrap room. So I can access the internet for my favorite scrap sites, and also to digitally enhance my photo and print them.

My favorite scrapping site is were I have all of my layout uploaded. I also chat to a wonderful bunch of ladies on the Australian and New Zealand forum. I have made some wonderful friends while doing this wonderful craft.

Labour Of Love

I try to scrap once a week, but I would love to scrap more.....
I also play sports 3 times a week which I really enjoy, and running around after a two year old make it quite difficult to have spare time of a day.

We have a busy life style and when I do like to relax at times, I just enjoy chilling with my DH and kids.

I'm a very lucky scrapper that I have my own room and have a hubby that doesn't mind me shopping for new scrap products.

I think that scrapbooking is great for me as it give me a chance to capture events in our life and record the simple memories of my children growing and change every day. Plus I also get retail therapy at the same time, buying new product and supplies.


My name is Kylie, I am a mother to 4 beautiful children (Sarah 2, Grace 7 Zachary 8 and Shannon 11). I am married to a wonderful man (Lance). We have been married for 12 year and been together a total of 16 year. Every year with my soul mate gets better and better. My kids are my world. I am a stay at home mother so my world literally revolves around my children. I started scrapbooking in March 2005. I had been thinking about scrapping for ages and never got into it. But one day I went out to the shops to by some wool for a scarf I was going to knit for my husband and they had a scrapbooking kit there and I thought, I'll buy it and give it a go. Well the scarf never got done I was hooked now I have a scrapbooking area in my study and I love to buy all the latest products for scrapping. I am still learning all there is to know about scrapbooking but I know that I love it and will be scrapping for the rest of my life. Specially knowing there will always be photos to scrap.

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