Monday, 16 April 2007

WOO HOO For Me!!

I was in my local scrapbooking shop the other day see what was new in, and I also took in some of my new layout to show the ladies, which I do every couple of months.

Well to my surprise they loved the Sweet Butterfly layout I did and they were wondering if I would like to teach other scrapper how to do this layout. When I was asked I thought that they were joking. But they were serious...

So at the end of next month I'll be teaching my first ever class !!

I'm so excited but also so nervous....LOL

Friday, 13 April 2007

Easter Holidays

We have had the weirdest Easter break....We have celebrated a birthday and morned losing a family member...... I think losing Lance grandmother on Saturday has made our spirits low. I found it hard to comprehend as this also was the day that we should be celebrating Sarah's 3rd birthday. So I had mixed feeling all day.

We were very lucky that Easter Sunday we had Sarah's birthday party. Sarah, is so into Barbie at the moment so of course her cake had to be a Barbie one....LOL
We all so had our traditional Easter egg hunt at Lances parents house.
It was a great day celebrated by the whole family and it took our mine off this sad time in our lives for awhile.

Other then the ups and downs we had, we just chill and also enjoyed being together.

Oh and eating heaps of chocolate......I'm sick of seeing easter eggs......LOL

Here are some of the photo's from our wonderful Easter Sunday.



Lance and Alex (Brother inlaw) being silly bugger!!

Tucker Time!!!

Present time!!!

Easter Egg Hunt!!

Ahh Time to chill!!!

Sunday, 1 April 2007

Family Portrait

This is our family portrait form last year.

I really love the style of this photo, we all wore jeans and similar top.

Behind The Camera

Well since purchasing a digital camera. I spend heaps of time behind one, and with scrapbooking it is so handy. I love the fact that I can take hundreds of photo's and pick out the best shots to print and print them here at home and start to scrap a new layout.

I love the fact that with digital you can enhance them on the computer. You have instant memories to treasure, with family and friends.

My aim is in the next few years is to own a digital SLR camera, and I wouldn't mind doing a course on photography.

A photo captures memories and moments in time that no one never wants to forget!

I cant live with out my camera!!

Our House

This is our home here in Hobart, Tasmania. It might not look like much, but it is our home and we love it here.

We brought this house about 5 years ago and loved living here since.

It has 4 bedroom, but one is used as the study/scrapping room, a large rumpus room at the back of the house. Open planned living, kitchen and dining room.

I love living here, we are 10 minutes away for the city and only 5 minutes away from Glenorchy with is a larger suburb of Hobart!!!

My children love this house as they have there own living area (rumpus) which is situated between the bedrooms. They have there own lounge, tv, dvd, vcr, and of course their own computer.....It is also full of toys which I'm constantly telling them to pack up.....LOL.

We have a large backyard which is the home for 2 doggies and two cockatiels. Plus one large trampoline and swing set.....We love playing the out spot of backyard cricket and having BBQ's. There is also a double garage which we don't park our cars in....we use it for storage and also having parties in.....LOL.

I love the way this house feels warm and inviting. I believe that we will be living here for a very long time and that we would love to renovate this old beauty. :)

Home is where the heart is and my heart is here!!!!

New Layouts

Here is two layouts that I did last month.

In both of these layouts the photo's have been edited. The first one the photo was edited in Adobe Photoshop and the second one was done in Coral Photo. I love that you can turn a normal photo into something much more special.


This is a photo of my DD last winter at soccer. I love that she was all rugged up and changing the photo to black and white then adding the colour of her scarf and hat brought out the feeling of how cold it was.

Sweet Butterfly

This photo of my DD was edited with Coral Photo. It was edited by my very close friend Gary, who is also a member of SB! He does amazing work editing photo's and digital scrapping.

The title on this layout was hand cut out of card stock. I printed the word backward using Microsoft word. Then I used magic mount to raise the title off the page.

I love taking a close up photo of my layout now. So that everyone gets a different prospective of my layouts.

Meeting Friends For The First Time

On, I have made many friends and chat all the time to these girls.
Friday I was very happy to meet two of the girls I talk to, Marion and Maryanne.

Hobart was hosting the annual craft fair and of course we had to meet there.

I was very apprehensive of meeting them. I had thoughts running around in my head, like will they like me, will we have other things in common other then scrapbooking, and of course we do. LOL

I was greeted with hugs from two other girls that couldn't make it to the craft fair, and there was large smiles all round.
(Sorry Alli and Tracey that I didn't get to meet you this time but I'm sure we will get to meet).

We enter the craft fair like children in a candy store...LOL. We spent all afternoon walking around the craft fair buying lots of goodies and checking out the wonderful crafts that were on displayed.
Then later in the afternoon I took both the girls to my local scrapbook shop, and they seemed to really enjoy looking at all the lovely scrapping product I get to buy. Then after that we all headed back to my house for coffee and a good old chat.

I felt so luck to meet these wonderful girls, who were really down to earth and quite funny. I so do hope that we get to meet again and the other wonderful people I get to talk to on SB!!

Its a day I will never forget!!

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