Monday, 25 June 2007

Design Team Call Part 2

I got another email today for Karen at KSK and she answered my question about what a guest DT does and I'm really happy that I said yes to it... LOL
It entails me getting a parcels of goodies to scrap and Karen will let me know when it is due and what theme it is......I'm really excited about this.....I love a challenge as you all now from the ones I have done on SB!!..... LOL
I'm really looking forward to receiving my first parcel and to create something!!! :D

Sunday, 24 June 2007

Design Team Call

Last week I got an email from another scrapping site I am on - Karen Scrappin Kupboard. They were looking for scrappers to join there Design Team. I mentioned it to Lance, and he said "if I think I could handle doing both teaching and internet commitments to go for it".
So on Wednesday night I did my email application, I had to attach to this email four of my latest layouts and two altered items. On Friday night I check my emails and I had receive one from Karen, she said in her email that she had received my application and would let me know next week if I was successful or not.
Well tonight I got an email about my application and it was a rejection hoo......I talked to Lance about the email and told him that I was feeling really down about it, he said "to not give up and to keep trying because I'm one very talented scrapper" (I so do love it when my hubby praises me......He's such a sweetie!!!)
I sent Karen an email back to say thanks for replying to my email so quickly and said the next time there's a DT Call, I'll be jumping right at it again.
Well after sending that away, I checked my emails again and there was one from Karen asking if I'd like to be a quest Scrapper on their site....and I thought to myself.....HELL YES!!!! LOL
I'm not to sure what a guest scrapper does but, hey it's great being recognised as a scrapper and it feels great for my work to be noticed. :D

Saturday, 23 June 2007

Altered Ribbon Box

For my class this month at Scrappers Heaven, I did and Altered Ribbon Box from Kaiser.

It was a real pleasure scrapping this new product and also doing something different than a layout.

I decided to do my ribbon box in white to go with all the other container that I have in my scrapping room. I also decided to use black, white and pink colours as these were the ribbons I was placing in my ribbon holder. I have used pattern paper on the top and around the sides of the box and also a beautiful decorative flower ribbon along the top and around the sides and back. Then I have embellished the top of my ribbon box with flowers and bling to finish it off.

It was a great item to construct and decorate and I cant wait to do my next off the page project!!

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

A Family Bond

This layout was completed during our break we all had together.
I didn't really scrap much because I really wanted to concentrate my time with being with Lance and the kids.

The only reason I scrapped this layout during our time off, was because I have had this photo of Shannon, Zac and Grace printed off for ages and it was taunting me sitting on my desk...LOL
I am really pleased how this layout has turn out. I wanted this layout to be bright and cheerful like my children are.
I found the prefect pp awhile back at work and all I need to do for this layout was to think of a design. I decided to use the theme of the pp to embellish the top of the layout with. Then in one of my new scrapping magazines they had an artical on making pp flowers. I thought to myself that this is something i really want to have ago at.

I am so pleased how this layout turn out. I will be teaching this layout in August for one of my classes.

The Kids Are Back At School!!!!

Well the kids are back at school after having two weeks off. Lance is also back at work, so it only Sarah and I at home and its ever so peaceful....LOL

I must say that the two weeks went very quickly and to get up on the first day back to school, with horribly weather was a shock to the system. It was freezing temperatures with a think blanket to frost...brrr the kids all thought it was snow...LOL.

Most of the holidays we lapped up the fact the we could all sleep in ......oh and we did....LOL.

We didn't plan much for these holidays as, Shannon still had soccer commitments. But we did do some nice things together, and I think the chance to spend time together was the best part of this mid year break.

As I posted before I had visitor during the first week of holidays, and that was brilliant to meet up with Marion again and also to meet Allison for the first time.

We spent a night at Lance's parents over the holidays and the children thought that it was cool, cause normally its them staying there, so mum and dad can have a child free weekend......LOL. It was nice catching up with Lances parents and spending some quality time together.

We also took the kids to the movies to see the new Shrek 3 movie.... They loved it!!! And I was very excited for Sarah as this was her first time at the movies.... I was dreading it to begin with thinking ok, we are taking a 3 year old to the movies she not long started toilet training and her attentions span is very low at times. But hey to my surprise she sat there the whole movie and loved it....She laughed when all the funny bits happened and she enjoyed eating the lollies we had taken in with us. It was just a shame that I couldn't take my camera into the movies and take some photos of this first for her, for me to scrap....hehehe

My how fast time flies when we are all together and relaxing. Both Lance the kids and I cant wait for the next school break, we have made plans for them already!!!....LOL.

Well its back to the running around and the chilly mornings......busy busy busy!!!!

Thursday, 7 June 2007

I Had A Fanstastic Day Today!!!

Today I had a surprise and I was one happy lady today.
Previously I blogged about meeting Marion and Mary-Anne from SB!!
Well today Marion can to visit me and she brought me a surprise. She brought down Allison and Allison's DD with her......I was shocked.....speechless was more to it....LOL
I have been smiling all day... :D
I was so glad to see Alli there....I have been bugging Alli on our msn chats to come down with Mazz for the visit but she keep telling me that she was busy.

When the girls arrived we sat and had a coffee and a chat. Mazz left to see her sister and I was left with Alli to catch up and chat away. Allison brought her album down for me to see and I was wrapped....I must say seeing them in real life is fantastic. Alli's layouts are beautiful and I recommend everyone to check them out on SB!! Here a link Alli's gallery
Alli I would be very proud of your work!! ;)

After lunch I took Alli out for some scrapping retail therapy.....LOL. First we went to the scrap shop out at Claremont, it was fun watching Alli like a kid in a candy store....LOL
Then I took Alli to my LSS were I teach.

I had the best day ever spending time with Allison.....Allison and I have been chatting on SB and MSN for ages and have become very close friends. It was finally great to meet face to face and to find that we have so much in common and to share such a fantastic time with someone that I know I will be friends with for a very long time.

Here are some photo's from this amazing day.

Thank you so very much Marion for organising this Day.......You are a legend!!!!

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Taking A Class

For the first time every, I took a class at my LSS. Scrappers Heaven
I decided to do a class to see how Natalie teaches a class and to learn her tricks to the trade...LOL
I found the class enjoyable to do and it was great to see her teaching techniques.
Now that I'm teaching as well, I felt as though I need to know what goes into teaching a class and by going last night I got a feel to how a class is taught. This is such a big learning curve for me and I so want to make this right and also fun. I love this craft I do and now sharing it with other scrapper is very exciting!!

Here is a photo of me doing my first ever class and really enjoying it......Thanks Nat for the photo :D

The layout we work on was using the new Daisy D paper and Daisy D rub ons.

I recommend if your not feeling to confortant in scrapping to give a class ago. You will meet some wonderful people and you'll learn techniques and also create a beautiful layout to treasure for ever.

Sunday, 3 June 2007

School Holidays

Well its the weekend here and starting Monday we have school holidays for the kids. I'm wrapped this school holiday as Lance is off for the 2 week break. This is the first time since having Sarah that Lance has been home on holiday with the kids. They are also wrapped to have there father home with them. Because Lance works most weekends they don't get to see him so much.

We have nothing really planned for the 2 week break other then to just chill with the kids and have a good time, and enjoy the sleep-ins.....LOL
Ah to sleep-in is such a brilliant thing to do at this time of the year.....Waking up on cold winter morning make us all feel so sluggish and even more tired. I think that the kids are looking forward to the sleep- ins too.

Just knowing that we will be spending this time together makes me feel so happy!!! :D

Two New Layouts

Here a two new layout that I did last month. The First one, I did is of my beautiful daughter Sarah. I have already scrapped this photo of her before but its a fantastic shot of her that I just had to do it again. The title on this layout was done the same way as on my sweet butterfly layout I did. I printed the title on to card stock and then hand cut it out, with this one I went around the edges with a white gel pen.

This layout of me was finally done for the Praise yourself Challenge on
I really enjoyed making this layout about myself. I had just brought the new American Crafts patterned paper and also the Bella chipz 12 x 12 Sheets (The large cream flower) and with this photo of me, which is a fav. It all seem to fall into place. I had to write journaling about myself for the challenge. I hand wrote the journaling on the tag under the photo.

It says :

I am many things, here is my list of what makes me "who I am".

Net baller
and most of all "content" with my life.

I am really starting to enjoy scrapping about myself. After completing a few 12 x 12 layouts of myself, I would really like to do a book on me. For my children to look through in pasting years and see what I have done with my life, and be proud of what I have archived and to show them how much I love them.

Friday, 1 June 2007

A Week Of Feeling Bluh!!!

OH I'm so not liking the changing of seasons right now......I feel like bluh, as I have been sick all this week. I started off with a normal nasul cold and now it moved to my chest.....I have been feeling incredible cold all week and tired... My eldest boy has soccer tonight and I know that standing out in the cold this evening is not going to help.....But hey what can I do.....I'll just make sure I rug up and keep warm and be there to support my son..... ;)

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