Sunday, 29 July 2007

What A Week!!!

Oh Boy this week hasn't been the best for me!!

I had a tooth extraction on Tuesday and it knocked me for a complete six ya! and on top of that and old netball injury decided to pop it head up again. I injured my left should a couple of years ago and ever now and then it likes to ache just to tell me that its still there....LOL

But on a brighter note Grace celebrated her 8th birthday and loved all the attention she could get! I just cant believe how fast she is growing up. I still remember holding her in my arms when she was born and saying over and over to myself that "she my baby girl"
We took her out for tea for her birthday and her grandparent came over in the afternoon for afternoon tea. Lance and I brought her a stereo for her room and we are now thinking we might have to put a sound limit on it, as ever afternoon when she comes home she goes straight to her room and turn on the stereo and listens to Hilary Duff and all the typical kids rock music....LOL

Saturday, 14 July 2007

NEW CAR!!!!!!!

We brought a new car this week and I am wrapped!

My dearly loved mum van (Nissan Nomad 89 Model) was on it last legs, and we have been so wanting to get a new car and do a bit of updating.

When we went looking I had my heart set on a new Tarago, and also a car that had cup holders (its a must with kids that play to have some where to put the coffee....LOL) , cd player and air con.
I saw a really nice Tarago in one of our local car yard here in Hobart, but it was so out of our price range and Dh said hoo...LOL

Any way Dh and I goggle other people movers out there and found the a site about the Kia Carnivals, so we thought we would go check them out. On Monday night we took a 2000 model for a test drive and quite like it. There like driving a very large station wagon.
We then took a newer model (2004) for a test drive and feel in love straight away. This one only had 88000 on the clock and was own buy one owner and was really looked after. It was also in our price range as well, which made Dh happy....LOL

I could believe it in one week we had brought our selfs a new car and we were all very excited about it.

Here are some pic of our new car that as all the mod cons... oh and the important things the cup holders...LOL

Monday, 2 July 2007

Soooo Cute!

This little Handbag is another wonderful Kaiser product.

I scrapped this for a class and made it for work to keep there pens and other bits and bobs in on the counter.

Sunday, 1 July 2007

Friends Layout

Here is a layout I created this weekend.

This layout is of Alli and I when we met, during the last school holidays. I have been itching to scrap this photo for awhile now.

I wanted to put the journaling on this layout to remember how it felt meeting Allison and also what we did for the day she was down. So I created a index card for under the photo for the journaling.

The Journaling reads :

Today I met Allison face to face and it was brilliant!! Alli and I have been internet friends for awhile. We first met each other on and became good friends. When we started chatting in the forums we decided to start chatting on msn. We would stay up late, and “I mean very late,” and chat, LOL We really got to know each other!! Alli lives 3 hours drive away from me and we thought it would be brilliant to meet! We have been organizing it for ages, but things always seemed to get in the way. But when Alli turned up on my front door step thanks to another Friend of mine from SB, I couldn’t believe it. Alli and I had the whole day together. I took her scrap shopping and loved it!! I know that it was along way to come for a coffee but it was well worth it. :D 7/6/2007

I so cant wait to see the layout Allison is doing for our day together. I also can't wait for me to go see Alli!!! :D


While I have been scrapping, I have only every made one card. It was a thank you card for one of my sons, friends mother, and I really enjoyed making it.
On Friday I was email by Maree to see if I could join in the cyber crop at Scrap Pile.
I knew that I couldn't hang and play bingo and chat, as I had my brother over and we had a date with the new sing star.....hehehe, but I thought that I'd check out the challenges and see what they were all up to.
One of the new girls on SP had a card challenge, I decide that this one seemed interesting as I previously said before I've only made one card.
Well last night I made 6 for the challenge even though they said we only need two.....L

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