Wednesday, 20 August 2008


Tomorrow will be the one year anniversary of my brother's Death, and I already feel like running away and hiding. My emotions tonight have been high and low.
I talked to my mother tonight about what the plan is for tomorrow and I passed on my feelings about it all. I don't want a big gathering, I don't think that we should make a big hohar about it. I think that doing that is not remember him, its just creating another wake and bring back more sadness and painful memories for us..or should I say me!!! Mum has put in the newspaper a bereavement notice on behalf of us all, and I feel as though we should use tomorrow to reflect quietly about what has happen and remember Chris in our own special way. Christopher birthday is next week and I suggested that we did something special that day. I believe that doing something that day means that we are celebrating his life and not his death. I want to remember Christopher for the life that he had and for all the good times we spent with each other and specially the one of us growing up under the same roof! I don't want to remember why he was taken from us and how, it seem to cruel and wrong. I want to celerbrate his life with a beer and lots of laughter about the good time. If Chris was here he would do the same thing! I know it

I love you Chris and I will always...Your big sister xxx

Monday, 11 August 2008

New Layouts

Here are some new layouts I have been working on since I last blogged.
I have a jam pack month this month with classes for work, so while I had some quite time to myself I got creative and busy!

These last two layout are using older original photo's of my eldest DS. I have been meaning for ages now to get some more of the kids baby and younger year photo's into there scrapping album, and now I think it is time.

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Zac is Double Figures!!

Zac is TEN ..Wohoo finally double figures!!

What an awesome event to celebrate!!!

It started with presents in the morning, how cool a new Stunt bike and new cool clothes, almost a new wardrobe for he's birthday. Then it was off to school, loaded with an arm full of cup cakes to share with the class. Thanks to my lovely friends Zac scored more presents after school. 2 tops from Kaylene with were so perfect for Zac and Cheryl gave in a shirt that he was itching tohave when he saw in a store which we shop at regularly and also this cute little dragon that he has to put together. When we got home Dad (Lance) was putting his new bike together while we all got ready for dinner. Zac choose the place which was Kings Buffet and all you can eat place. Zac was wrapped with that, 3 plates of food and 2 bowls of dessert.....Ah thats my growing boy...LOL
When we got home I said that I had and ice cream cake for him, but as all the kids sat on the lounge rubbing their very full bellies they turned it down and said "lets save it for the weekend".

Saturday morning came the first thing Zac did was drag his bike from is bedroom where it had been staying since he got it, and all he did all weekend was ride it and try to do some stunts on it! and then is was ice cream cake time...mmm mini freddo frogs!

I'm so glad that Zac had a wonderful birthday and really really loves his new Bike....Totally Awesome Dude.....LOL

Sunday, 3 August 2008

aaahhhh A Quite Weekend!

Its been so nice this weekend to spend the days home with nothing to rush round and do.
I don't know if I could really call it a quite weekend though, I can hear Sarah and Grace fighting...and Sarah is doing that 4 year old wow is me trick, even though I think Grace is being a cow to her. Other then that its nice to be able to sit around in my pj's for half the day and then to pot around the house with out a care. The only plan I have for today is scrapping. I haven't scrapped in two week and I have been missing it madly. I have been" scrapping shopping" though and that helps with my scrapping bug a bit...Now to hit my scrap desk and use all my new lovely stamps and pattern paper I brought over the last two weeks. Well this isn't scrapping this is me waffling away...LOL I think a coffee is in order and then a layoutor two or three! ;)

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Slumber Party

This week Grace turned 9 on Monday and to celerbrate it we all went out for dinner that night,
but the big plan was a slumber party...5 girls and lots of girly things to do!

Well is Sunday evening the girls are house is back to normal and the noise level has dropped my 90%.....(my kids are still here so they make up the 10% that missing....LOL)

The slumber party started Saturday afternoon at 2pm and it started off with a bit of sing star on the PS2....oh the noise that was coming from the rumpus room!!
Then the plan was for the kids to scrap some noodle boxes which were the lolly bags for the end of the slumber party...Well you should of seen my dinning was trashed my you should of seen the joy on the kids faces when they finished they noodle boxes.

Then is was fashion show time....the girls showed off their strutting style and their noodle boxes too...

Then is was food and cake time....mmm kids and cream cake make for an interesting afternoon...LOL

Then the kids had time to chill for a bit we has a dancing comp...which I was impressed cause I won...YAY for me!!! LOL

Then it was time to hit the road with the kids and get some chick flick...I packed the van with giggling kids and hit the video store...oh my what was I thinking...LOL...we got there and they all wanted one hundred movies and then there was that typical line of "I've seen that"!! After spending about an hour picking out 3 movies we headed home.

Lance and I had already made plans that the kids and us would have pizza for tea...10 pizza's in total were spread all over the dinning table. Lets say with 10 pizza's the kids had pizza for lunch the next day.

After dinner it was time for facials and movies...I was so surprised on how well the facials went even Zac got into the swing of things and had a facial too....there was heaps of giggles when the cucumber keep falling off their eyes...and when they got me with the facial cream too!!!
While we were sitting around with our mask on, we watched a movie and ate our cucumber...LOL. The girls watch two movies and ate heaps of midnight snacks and told ghost stories until 1 in the morning.

The next morning the girls were all up at 7am....what were they thinking being up that early...Lance and I tried to ignore them until...they were running around the house hunting for breakfast. After the mission of feeding them all. They went off to paint there nails...put on make up and dance to the Pussy Cats Doll Cd!! ....Which I heard so many time this weekend....

Lunch came it and it was left over pizza time and then it was eye toy groove...we had more giggles when the girls could see themselves after they dancing.

After the day of event and as the girls starting leaving....I could see that Grace really enjoyed her sleep over and was sad that it was all finishing. Has she was getting sad I was getting was time to turn my house back into a real house and not some girly apartment with clothes every where, make up every where and Cd's, movies ,Bratz dolls every where...Time for me to sit and reflect on what I hoped was a wonderful weekend for my beautiful Grace!

Happy Birthday Boo!!

I can see a mini album about this weekend is in order....hehehehe

Friday, 18 July 2008

I know I confession time

Alright I have a confession to make!!

I haven't blogged in ages.....ok more then ages...its been forever!

I have heaps and heaps to catch up on.

I went away to a scrapping retreat with Kaylene and that was organise by work.... there is lots to tell about that and lots of photo's to show you all and I should really do a whole post just about that. But I suppose I can give you a sneak peek!....LOL

I had to write my Victims of Crime statements for the trial of my brothers murder and that was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, and now the trial was a hung jury so we all have to go through the pain of it all again....but I really don't want to go down that path tonight!!!

I have had a letter and photo published in one of favorite Aussie scrapping mags "Scrapbooking Memories"

I have been scrapping heaps and I mean heaps I have done a few off the page projects and also quite a few layouts....this could explain my absence from my blogging....hehehe
Here are just a few of my master pieces....LOL

I also have had another acceptance email from Scrapbooking Memories for another layout to be published ..... oh yes I'm over the moon about that!!! But sorry no Pic to show...You'll all have to wait till the magazine come out. ;)

I have been busy with work and have done quite a few classes. Also if it wasn't for Nat and Janet today talking about a blog for work, scrappers heaven which I'm helping with, I wouldn't of jumped on here tonight to fill you all in.

Here are a couple of layout I have taught over the last couple of months.

Life for me right now seems to be ok and busy......I know that its not perfect but it's ok and I can deal with that.

Monday, 12 May 2008

Emotional Wreck

What a couple of months I have had...I have been up and I have been down...I suppose this is why they call life a roller coaster.
I have had several break downs and quite a few highs.
The break downs have shown me that I'm not that tough and that not everything can be fixed or not everything will go away (thought I was losing my marbles). I have had to deal with bringing up emotions again about the death of my brother. I have also had to deal with that little green eyed monster that inside of me towards my husband. I've had to deal with trust issues, I have also had to deal with the pressure of work and gaining the confident in meeting dead line and achieving goals and I have had to be emotional rock for some of my friends around me.

I think last two months I have never felt so tired and so drained. I have felt like locking myself away and running from all the decisions and discussions but I didn't. Until I broke down one night and lied everything out there did I get my head around all the emotions that have been trapped in my head and in my heart. With the support of Lance and my friends have I learnt to relax and not take on so much on by myself and that everyone was there for me, all I had to do was ask, I do feel the pressure releasing. I have giving myself a break from all my commitments on the internet, I have also taken some time away from my personal scrapping to get on with my work commitments done first. I have also taken valuable time to spend with my husband, my family and friends.

I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel!!

With the highs over the last few months I have completed gorgeous projects for classes and I completed "some" personal scrapping, I have been working on a mini album about our Melbourne retreat and I have only one more photo to place and then the journaling to do and I have completed that.
I have also been asked to have an active roll in organising items for the retreat we are having with work at the end of this month. This will be such a great weekend and I feel very privilege to be apart of it all!
I have also had my first publications posted in Scrapbooking Memories. My Kaiser Family Time clock looks so good in there and it is a great feeling!
I have also had the high of having a blast with friends on the weekends and spending some great valuable time with them, and I also had a wonderful scrapping day with Kaylene, Jo and Cheryl. "Thanks girls for giving a really enjoyable day"
I have also had some wonderful quite nights with Lance and I think that we really have need this time together, just being able to talk and spend time together strengthen our relationship even more! " Thanks Lance for being there with me while I was going quietly insane"

Its funny when Life is starting to feel like it is getting to hard...remember that the good times will shine through and you can get through just takes time and it also takes patience. Step out of the trouble and misery and look will find the answer I sure did and I'm feeling better for it!

But hey I'm still on holidays from certain thing in my life....I will be back just give me some time!!

Monday, 14 April 2008

Design Team Layouts

Last month I had the pleasure of being a Guest Design Team member for Scrap In this month I had to create a layout using some gorgeous scrapping item that were new to the store and also a challenge layout. I also made a card from the left overs.

I really enjoyed my time at scrap pile and I love getting to know all the girls there too!

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Rocking it out with "Queens of the Stone Age"

Well again I went and saw another amazing band LIVE......."Queens of the Stone Age"
and this is my review......BLOODY AWESOME!!

Other then being kicked out of the building during the support band, cause the fire alarm went off!!! Cause of a stage light melting.... and being suck out side for an half hour, it was a awesome sight to see. The band went off and I mean off!! The lead singer Josh was hot to trot and really cool. He even keep the band on stage after some idiot threw something at him during there set!! "But he did jump off the stage to have a go at the bloke that threw something at him"....the crowd were right behind him in is action...I mean come on we have this world wide band that is massive come all the way to tassie for a tour and then some idiot in the crowd throw something at them....all I have to say about that person is that they are a "dick head"!!!

I have pic's and videos to share so here they are and enjoy....cause I sure did ;)

Josh Homme.....Lead singer

Song : Little Sister

Song : No One Knows

Friday, 28 March 2008

Its Been Awhile

Ah yes it has been awhile since I have done some good old blogging...So much has happen since I have come back from our Melbourne Retreat.

The kids were right back into the swing of school, and my little....ok not so little boy started high school.

I have had Alli and her Family stay for the weekend....Which was fantastic!!!

I have been celebrating Birthdays with Friends!! oh and I mean celebrating..."merry merry drink drink"...LOL I have some really good and goofy pics to show you all...LOL

I have had to deal with very crappy family news...So that was my first downer for 2008. :(

I have been scrapping like a mad women..and also I have been a guest Design team member for scrap pile this month, and I have just started this year teaching the beginner class of a Saturday at Scrapper Heaven.

and getting my act together to finally have my Kaiser clock published. "jumping for joy here"....LOL

I have also been getting myself gear up for another rock concert I'm going too see..."Queen of the Stone age"....heheheheh

and we have just celebrated easter, wow what month!!!

So were do I start...mmm

I will be back to update and add pics ;)

Monday, 18 February 2008

R E T R E A T 2008 "a blast"

This is it! Melbourne Retreat 2008

I can' believe that it is over, and what a fantastic time I had with theses amazing girls.

With nerves building I slept like crap the night before, so with 3 hours sleep I jumped on the red eye flight out of Hobart to Melbourne. We all meet at Melbourne airport and from there on in was laughter and heaps of chatting. When we were all together it felt as though we has all been together before, even though we has never meet face to face before.

I didn't at any time feel awkward around the girls. Even though at time Steph compared me to Kimmy off of Kath and Kim....LOL I felt I could be my true self around them.

What a jammed back weekend....My feet will never be the same again....LOL

It started with a walk into the city for some breakfast and then a tip to the markets, and then back to the hotel room for pre-dinner drinks....(hey Tracey!!...LOL)..and then out for dinner at Lygon St "Italian food here we come" It was such an enjoyable evening with the girls, Tracey and her spare rib's gave us a good old chuckle!

Saturday was the day we decided we have our photo shot, Tracey suggested the day before our tip for us all to pack a white top. I must say Tracey it was a brilliant idea your a legend!! ;)
With our white tops on we headed into the city for Starbucks coffee....Thanks Steph it was sooooo yummo and breakfast and a little bit of shopping. Then we armed ourselves with tram day passes and headed down to St Kilda beach for our photo shoot!

It was great taking the girls down there, we had our photo taken in front of Luna Park, the girls got to see the very old Palace Theater. Then it was off to the beach. Thanks to the help of some lovely locals and tourist we got many group shots of us all having a blast!
What a brilliant way to send a Saturday afternoon, on the beach with great friends on a glorious day!! We wall up St Kilda road a for a boost and then trammed it back into the city, which there we said our sad goodbye to Tegan. All afternoon, while shopping again in the city we all felt that something was missing and that was you Tegan!! It was a shame you couldn't stay all weekend. :( After another spat of shopping we headed back to the hotel for some more pre-dinner drinks and decided we got to the Crown Casino for Dinner and our first stop before that would be Eureka Towers. Well all I can say about that was WOW what an amazing view of Melbourne, I had never been there before and I suggest to who ever read this blog you have to go there...Its such an amazing way to see Melbourne! It was such a great thing to experiences while in Melbourne....Oh and I hope I didn't make myself look to much like an idiot jumping up and down in the elevator...LOL

At dinner I really got to know the girls so much better, I found it easy to talk to the girls about the lose of my brother, even though I did break down to tears talking about it with them. I could tell that the girls felt my sadness and even though they didn't know my bother or my family they expressed nothing but sympathy and care for us all. For me to come out and tell you all the tragic details was hard and only my closest of friends knew. So girls I tell you now that I do hold our friendship close to my heart and for me to share that with you all made me feel that you girls are true close friends! XXX
Well after the tears it was time for desert on the go and facials all round...I must say Julie those photo of us with facial....cracks me up every time, and its funny when my children asked me who are those people...LOL
And then we called it a night!

Sunday morning came and it was time to say good bye to Terri and Tracey as they were the first to fly out...It funny when we went to the lobby to day good bye...we knew that our fun filled weekend was almost over...I really didn't want to say good bye to these beautiful girls that I had just spent 3 wonderful days with...I could feel the sadness in my heart grow. But with a tearful goodbye they left us for the trip to the airport.
Steph, Julie and I had time to kill before our fights home, so we decided to get some breakfast and go to the markets once more. We spent the morning walking around the markets getting our last minute gifts for our family and then it was time to go back to the hotel to say goodbye to Steph and Julie. The tear came out again to say good was becoming harder and harder to let go of these beautiful ladies, know that we wound see each other for a very long time was hard to comprehend. But that was it our most brilliant weekend was over... I felt that the bonds that were made that weekend were going to be long term bonds and that our Internet friendship has become much more then that.

I miss you girls....and even though it has taken me so long to finish this post and a month has passed..there is not a day were I don't think about you all and remember the amazing weekend in Melbourne with you all....I thank you girls for letting me be who I am, and you girls for showing me who you all are....I could not of asked for any better friends then you all!! XXX

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

2 Days to go!!

My god the excitement of meeting the girls from Sb is building up so much I feel as though I'm going to burst!! (walking round with large smile on my face...cheeks are starting to hurt...LOL)

I started packing last night and my case was full! What the hell am I thinking, I look as though I'm going away for a week and not a weekend!! I know I need to leave room in my suitcase for shopping, a trip to Melbourne with out shopping is crazy!

I think today the plan is to do some major cutting back, and just make sure I have whats on my list..."Yes that right I'm a list maker"...If I don't have a list I'm stuffed!!! LOL
All this month I have had a list that is just for me...I even printed this month calender out so I could get my days sorted and also my head round what happening this month.
This is truly a brilliant month for me, brilliant things are happening in my life and I couldn't ask for anything more!

Oh except for Friday to roll on faster...LOL

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

3 Days to go!


I cant believe it! Its only 3 days to go!! And I get to meet the other girls on Sb in Melbourne.
I think today after I have done all my mundane jobs I will start some packing, and go through my list of things to take and make sure I have them all ready.
This is going to be such a great weekend I can feel it in my heart and soul.
This weekend will be creating some wonderful friendship and also some wonderful memories that we will be able to cherish for many years to come!

Roll On Melbourne.....Roll on!!!

Oh by the way....I'm soooooo nervous and I know I'm not the only one!!
But hey that the joys of stepping out of your comfort zone and taking the leap to have a good time!!

Monday, 11 February 2008

Rocking Out with John Butler!!

Thanks to my amazing friend Kaylene I went yesterday to the Botanical Gardens to see The Waifs and John Butler Trio.

Well lets say my whole afternoon/evening was AMAZING!!!!

Kaylene rang me Saturday night with the brilliant new that she had a spare ticket to see John Butler at the Botanical Garden and want to know if I loved her and if I wanted to come....Well from this blog entry you can see that if was a big HELL YEAH!!!

It started at 1 and we got there about 2 and started drinking and letting loose. It was such an enjoyable afternoon in the gardens, a few beers (ok a many beers...LOL) and some brilliant music an afternoon to remember for a long time. To top the evening off Kaylene and I got close up and personal with John Butler himself. I had my concert poster signed and I also got a set of lushes lips drawn on my cheek by John himself!! It was such a blow out to meet him and to find that he is such a cool and funny guy.

I have heaps of photos and video to share with you all...the only thing is some of the vids are
shaky...I must remember when filming a concert not to rock on to hard while filming...LOL

Kaylene enjoying a beer!!

Beer Tickets....4 of many..LOL

Luke and Chris...and thanks to Chris for the Spare ticket!! ;)
Which became mine!!


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