Sunday, 27 January 2008

Australia Day

Yet another Australia Day gathering at our place this year.

It sure is becoming a tradition for family and friends to rock up to our house for a snag on the bbq, listen to the Triple J top 100 and have a few beer and girlie drinks...This year we kicked it off at 10 am the same time as the top 100 and started to drink at 11 am LOL. We were good this year and remember to slip, slop, slap and wear hats and sit in the shade. We all didn't want a repeat of last year, drinks and sun stroke is not good...LOL

The true Aussie Cook!!

We had the Australian flag flying high all day and we celebrated the day with Aussie flag tattoo's, we had the hats, we had the classic blow up hands and Lance even went as far as getting flags for the car.

Come on Aussie Come on....The blow up Hands get a chair to themselves!!

We all participated in an Australian Citizen test thanks to Chris (a pom turned Aussie....LOL) and all passed with flying colours!!

Chris!! The pom turned Aussie....LOL

The kids thought that it was great when we said that this year they could jump in the pool....but that was after I had a bit of a dip myself.

An Aussie Dip on a truly Aussie Day!!

Spending Australia day like this makes me proud to be an Aussie and it make me think that its great to celebrate this day with family and friends....I cant wait to next year!!

Tracey decked out!! oi oi oi

Cheryl.....A top sheila!! ;)

Martin...The Aussie larakin!!

Tim...... enjoying a Beer

Anthony.....Slip slop slap!!

Amy........ and the infamous Aussie Tat!!

Me..... standing tall and proud to be an Australian!!

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Summer Fun

This year for Christmas the kids got a pool from Santa ands thanks to some really lovely weather here in Hobart the kids have been in it ever second day!
The kids keep telling Lance and I that its the best present Santa has ever giving them. I know that Santa was on the ball this year with a pool for them.
I must admit that it is great to jump in there on a hot day and cool the old body down. I really think that this year there might not be any trips to the beach as the kids have such a great time in there pool, playing chasing, snorkeling and messing around on all the floating gear they have for it.

Here are some photo of the Kids, Lance and my brother in the pool the other weekend.

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Another Canvas Class

Next month at work I will be teaching another Canvas class. The last class I did was Sarah Canvas and I had a full class. Everyone enjoyed scrapping a canvas and customer have been asking if I would do another canvas.....Well here it its....This will be the canvas I will be teaching in February!!

The Journaling reads : What makes a home?? Is it the rusty roof, the flaky paint or is it the love inside!!

I have used Kaiser papers, paints, fozz felt, and Bella flowers , chipboard, and Autumn leaves clear stamps.

Wish me luck!!

All Boy

This is a layout I completed last week and I'm wrapped how it turned out!!

I find it hard at times to do boy layout, but working with these Kaiser- Rough & Tough papers I found that a grungy layout was the way to go....I love using paint on my layouts and I bit of sewing finished it off nicely!

More Trading Cards

Last week I promised that I'd post the other set of trading cards I made for Janet...Well as you can tell time slipped away from me again and I forgot to post them...Well now that I'm here and posting my canvas for work I thought I'd post my trading cards too.

I made these about Janet, about what she is to me and others around her and also what I wish for her in life!

Monday, 7 January 2008

The Ball Rolling

Last night I scrapped for the first time this year.

I thought I better get my act together and get the ball rolling as I have another canvas class next month and also a beginners class at Scrappers Heaven. I felt rusty sitting at my desk not sure knowing what to do...I had scrappers block....OH NO!!

I knew not to start my canvas for work first, cause I didnt want to get half way through it and feel that it wasn't up to scratch so I decided to do a layout for Sarah's album. Normally if I have a normal 6 x 4 photo I have been scrapping them in 8 x 8 album size. But to be different I thought I'd scrap it for her 12 x 12 album and keep it simple. Well it wasn't long and the ideas came flooding back and I knew and felt at ease scrapping again.

After completing this layout I started another set of ATC (Artist Trading Cards) for Janet at work. I have completed 3 of 6 so far and I am really pleased with them. If I don't say so myself...LOL By the end of this week I should have them finished and ready to post on here.

Ahhh it feels good to be scrapping again!!

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