Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Never Forgotten.

Yep that’s right blog world...I have not forgotten you. I've just been to busy to be with you.

But I suppose now is a good time to catch up since I’m lying in bed with a dam flu…ggrrr

There is so much to catch up on and where do I

Well I’m not sure if I had the chance to mention that I was diagnosed with Depression a few months back. Let’s say that was an interesting part to life that I wish never to fall into again. I found that I completely lost myself. I was such a difficult thing to go through for both myself and my family. It seemed that while I was suffering I was making everyone else suffer too. The last straw that broke the camels back was me being very angry all the time. And then making matter worse I smashed a window with my bear hand. Now looking back, I couldn’t believe I put my family and friends though that. But thanks to medication and seeing a therapist I am feeling my normal self again. Everything looks so much brighter, and if possible it brighter then before.

I think a great thing that help me with my recover of depression was scrapping, and not just the drugs...LOL I did a Secret Keeper 12x12 layout about what I was going through.

12x12 Secret Keep

Finding Me

The Journaling reads:

Just recently I have been diagnosed with Depression

And after living with hell within myself,

I have realised how depressed I truly was.

The pain from losing my brother to a tragic accident,

Still weighed so very heavy on my heart and my mind.

The job situation on Lance’s front was looking grim too

And this seemed to play heavy on my mind and made me worry,

Wondering when the next pay cheque would come in.

And the scarcest of feelings was I didn’t like the fact that, I was

A mother. I found myself feeling very selfish for more me time,

I also found myself angry all the time and it showed itself

Within my actions and temper.

Now with the help of medication and seeing a psychologist,

I have learned to manage my fears, anger, and panic. I never realised

How sad I was. I knew within me that I wasn’t the normal happy go lucky

Person I usually am. Dealing with depression has taught me to relax and to take a

Step back. Not everything will crumble around me. It’s taught me to be proud of

My healthy and happy relationship with my husband and children

It has also taught me to smile again.

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