Sunday, 15 August 2010


Yep I'm finally on my blog again and here I go with and update for you all.

I'm still not smoking...WOOOOOHOOOOOO its now been 3 months with out a stinky cigarette hanging out of mouth. I am feeling fantastic, I smell fantastic too...oh even though I sweat my ass off at the gym sometimes I can smell. LOL
Oh taking about the gym I have a trainer and my god I so have noticed the difference with my fitness, body shape and general well being. I only have my trainer once a week which is a bit of a shame because he really keeps me motivated while working out, plus he is cute so it worth having him around while working out...LOL I also have changed my eating habits and this is helping heaps with my work outs and my weight loss. In total I've lost 5.5 Kilo's in 10 weeks..... YEAH!!!! I'm still on a mission to lose another 6 kilo's so I'm working hard every week, and I'm motivated too. I've very pleased with my progress and I must say so is hubby. ;) ;)

As for my other side of life "scrapping". I have completed 4 new layouts. With my new fitness life style I have been really busy throwing myself into sports...e.g netball twice a week, basketball training and the gym, I've only completed 4 layouts. I am in the process of working out away to have time to scrap and time for fitness. I've worked out that I can still have my Sundays and go to the gym. I just have to make sure I get up early on Sundays to do that.

Well I should jump off the computer and turn around to my scrap desk and get another layout on the way. I have an idea in my head and I really need to get it onto some paper I think.

Happy Sunday everyone ;)

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