Sunday, 6 February 2011

Second Month

Here we are its February, and I'm posting my second slack!

{The Rock pool, made with Kaiser Seaside collection range}

I thought with school holidays I would be scrapping more, but alas I haven't :(

Instead I've been living it up with the kids, we've been swimming heaps at the pool (great for me with exercise routine), celebrating Australia day with family and friends. A very special wedding of a very special teacher, to two of my children. We have also been visiting and we have gotten ourselves ready for school with a massive shopping expedition for new shoes, hats, lunch boxes, new socks and and so on, one major event with 4 children in school.

{Australia Day}

{Miss Walshe's Wedding} (Now Mrs Johnston)

{Getting Ready For School}

We now only have a week and a half left of school holidays so we are going to lap up our free time with a camping trip. The kids, myself and Lance love camping we are even more excited as we are taking our boat with us this time. Lance has been very busy this weekend making sure the trailer is in order, the fishing gear is ready and during the rest of the week he will be making sure the boat is ready. I know that the kids are really looking forward to this weekend. Specially because our last camping trip at the beginning of the year was ruined by me getting ill and having to come home early.
So with the last of the holiday looming over our heads we will be busy little beavers getting the last of the kids school products with book pick this week. Camp preparing, making sure all the camp gear is packed and ready to so, oh and weather watching, there is no point fishing and camping if the weathers going to be bad.

I hope also to get some scrapbooking in too, so once I've finished posting this blog entry I will be turning around to my scrap desk and getting busy! I hope :)

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