Thursday, 23 June 2011

Time For A Change

Yep, that's it tonight I've decided that my scraproom really needs a make over. I want to change the colour on the walls and I want to sort out my space.
Just of late I have felt as though my room is to crowded, which it is! I only have a small room and of late with all the products and creations I've made I feel like I'm running out of room. I'm not financial able to go out and by new furniture, but I think I can work with what I have and change it to make it better. I have been scrapping in this room for the last 6 years and really nothing has change other then adding a more and more scapbooking products..LOL.
So I think its time to make a change, the only problem I can see with doing this is that my scrapping will slow down or maybe even stop for awhile, oh unless I take over the dinning table of a night, yeah that sounds like a plan maybe hubby will be happy to see me of a night, even if its not our Snuggle/tv night together.

Here are some photos of my scraproom. Wow I can't believe now looking back at them on, just how much more stuff I have crammed into this small room of mine. :o

Here is my scrap room in the beginning of the year 2006

This is at the end of 2006 with my new storage boxes and new cupboard and computer desk behind my scrap desk.

And this is now!! I know I could of tidy my room first, but this is what I walk into every time I have a project underway and sometime it looks more worse then this as there is normally stuff all over the floor. So here goes 2011 I really do think that its time for a change.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Spread Your Wings and Fly xxx

Today's scrap efforts was to finish some ATC's I started yesterday,  these ones are "wing" theme for the swap I have joined with 9 other local Tasmanian ladies.

This time round while scrapping I took photos of the process of putting these ones together. The only stages I missed out on was the beginning  prep, which was stamping, misting and a lot of cutting out. I did start these yesterday before I had the brain wave of taking photos while make them. drrr LOL

So here we go this is putting them together!

Here I have just finished stamping the background and misting it with paint, perfect pearl, and also glimmer mist. The cardstock is bent from being heated with a heat gun to dry them. I have inked the edges  and also attached the scraps from an old story book on to the cardstock.

I have just completed inking the edges of the wings and the bust.

I'm attaching the wings to the cards, I have only used tape on the tops as when I attach the bust cut outs I would like the wings to sit under the shoulder but wrap around the front of the bust.

Here is the bust attached and the wings sit under the shoulders and the bottom of them sit around the waist.

And here I have finished by adding quote to the top corner of the ATC saying "Spread your wings & fly xxx" So now they are all finished and ready to be swapped.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

What have I been up too?

Well I've been scrapping this week and I completed my prac for my coaches course on Wesnesday and passed YA!!
I really enjoy the practical session we had and working with younger children was an eye opener for me. I normally work with older children when I coach basketball, so doing this one on one activity with younger children really taught me, that even at a really young age you can guide and excite them about playing sport for fun. 
Here are my latest scrapbooking projects that I've been working on this week too. A new double page layout I made for my DD Seventh birthday, and two new series of ATC's, oriental and recycled.

Double Page layout - Seven - Made with Heidi Grace pattern paper, Thickers Alpha's,  Crafterchoice Birthday embellishments, and cardstock and string.

Its not that often I do double paged layouts, but thanks to a $2  issue of For Keep I pick up at the newsagent the other day that inspired me to work on a double layout for my daughter 7th birthday. I'm really pleased the way it turned out and I especially love the banner made from the pp and cardstock.

Oriental ATC's

Here are some photo's of a new series of ATC's I made for a local swap I just joined. Every month we have a designated theme and for the Month of April it is Oriental theme. The group is a little behind in months so this has given me a chance to catch up.

These ATC's are made using Kaisercraft pattern paper Lush Collections, cardstock, ink, and oriental coin.

Recycled ATC's

Here is my series of Recycled ATC's for the month of May. This is my take on recycled, and I thought that using an old playing card was a great way to recycle, as we have plenty of old decks of cards that missing a card here or there thanks to the kids and they make a great pre-cut trading card.

I have used old playing cards for these and I used and old story book and some left over felt from another project and and assorted old buttons, mixed tags and some old cord that I found rummaging through a draw in the kitchen.

I'm really pleased with this series and I'm really looking forward to making this months which is themed wings. I think I shall start them this afternoon I'm really in the mood for some scrapping and creating fun.

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend ;)

Sunday, 12 June 2011

ATC again

Here is a new ATC I made last Friday night.
I really have been enjoying making ATC's these miniature pieces of art work are so fun and quick to make I think that's why I enjoy them so much. Plus I get to swap them with other creative scrappers.

This ATC's was created using an image from and the new Kaisercraft Timeless pattern paper, and assorted stamps.

Kaisercraft -Timeless

Wanting to be Somebody?

WOW this afternoon I was reading some blogs of some amazing scrappers this afternoon and I also saw some amazing pieces of work, and its got me thinking, and asking myself how can I make myself one of those amazing scrappers one of those amazing people that inspire me to create. I would like to be one of those ladies you see in the magazine creating and posting information about this amazing craft.  I know in the past I had my chances to make a difference in my scrapbook life style, (teaching and being published) but I let it slip away when I feel out of passion for the craft and life a little. So now I'm kicking myself, and now that I have gotten the bug again to create I want to see more from this craft. Am I asking for to much, or should I just take a step back again and remember that this craft is not about becoming someone known, but creating something that brings out the passion within me to create treasures for my family and generations to follow??  Have a just answered my own question??

Tuesday, 7 June 2011


YA!! I completed my online coaches course this evening.
I can now go to my practical session next Wednesday and learn how to put all that reading and testing into practices. I hope I complete that with flying colours too. I really want this opportunity to do the After School Activities at my children's school, plus it helps me with my coaching skill for the grade 5/6 Basketball team that I have coached for the last two years.
I'm really proud of myself for completing this, its been along time since I've had to sit testing, and its been awhile since I have received a certificate for completing something. YA me!! Now when I blow my whistle, I can blow it with pride! :)

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Two More

WOW what a weekend!

I have finally started my online coaches course for the kids school so I can teach basketball in the After School Activity Sessions. I have completed 3 modules on Friday night, but once the brain started to turn a bit mushy at 10.30pm it was time to call it quits. I have another two modules to go I think :/
Gosh I have never read so much information in one go in along time, the last time would of been way back in the day of college maybe...LOL, but it did feel great to pass each test after I read and completed each module so far! YA ME!!!

But the best thing about this weekends is I completed to more "She Arts"......YIPPEEEEEEE

These two are for my beautiful girls.

I did "She is still learning" for Sarah, because she is only 7 I though that this "she art" quote was perfect for her as she is still learning every day of her young life, and I made a fun and playful background for this one. I'd had seen many types of this background done on other "she arts" and though this one would give me a great chance to have a play with this form. I completed the back ground using coloured tissue paper this time to create the sun and the ground, I also used paint to brighten them.

The next one is for my eldest daughter who is 11 and really into music and playing music quite loudly in or rumpus room when ever she gets the chance, oh and dancing. So of course this "she art" is called " She Loves To Rock" I tried to give this one a really grunge look and added cute little musical note to it to complete that music feel to it!

I am really enjoying making this new art forms, the whole idea of getting messy just seem so much fun. I really enjoy the fact with this is it doesn't have to be perfect, you can mess it up and it looks OK, or you just layer over it and start again. I also love that you can quote something about someone that means a lot and how they make me feel about them.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

She Art No 2

I made my second "She Art" this evening....YA me!!!

This one has a Paris theme hence the "She dreams of Paris"

I found this great template of a paper doll on the internet to night and I decided to use this as my girl on my "she art", I haven't really done a lot of free hand drawing in a very long time so I wanted to make this one look better then my first girl on my first canvas.
I can see myself making a few of these specially for gifts, so I really should one night or the next time I have free time practiced my free hand drawing and draw girls so they look super cute for these super cute canvases !

First "She Art" revised

This is my revised version of my first "She Art"

I added the "she" writing which completes a "She Art" canvas.

She will always laugh.

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