Monday, 21 November 2011


Here is a quick post to show off my latest layout, which really isn't that new to me as it has been sitting on the easel on my scrap desk for at least two weeks. Or new to the web hence being posted on in my gallery,  but it sure is new to the blogging world  :)

Soccer Trophy Day

Products : Dynmo Labeller, Kaiser craft Pattern Paper, Ribbon, Assorted Buttons. Corrugated Card, Wooden Soccer Balls, Zig Writer, White and Purple Bazzill Cardstock. 

Thanks for taking the time to check it out

Cheers Kylie xxx

Jam Packed Calendar

WOW..its November already...well its almost the end of November to state and obvious fact. :(

The next two months leading up to Christmas and with school finishing the week of Christmas, we are going to one busy busy busy family.  We have a Grade 6 leaver, and a Grade 10 leaver which have our calendar pretty much booked out with events. I also have a grade 1 that has more then one end of year excursions which of course mummy will have to attend, and we have our grade 7'er that is committed to the grade 7/8 combined school band and he has performance coming up on the calendar. 

WOW I really feel that the family calendar will be jammed pack and with next month 6 family birthdays included, its going to be one roller coaster ride.

Um is this why they call it the silly season.....I think so!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

17 Years

Yesterday the 19th of November, I married this amazing young man. :)

Now today 17 years later I am still married to that amazing man, but we aren't that young any more.
But I'm not sad about the age of us, I am proud to say that I am still married to my one and only soul mate. Our lives together has been a roller-coaster for the past 17 years with massive pumps and wee little ones. But what a fantastic ride it has been and I could not wish to spend time on this ride then with no other then my best, best friend and husband Lance.

I love you xxxx

Thank you for loving and cherishing me for that last 17 years and thank you for these beautiful flowers. xxx

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