Sunday, 13 May 2012

Close UP

Just a quick second post to share some close up photo's of my latest two layouts I just posted.
I normally post these pictures with the entry about the layout, but I really didn't want to photo bomb my blog, so instead I thought I would share them in another post. 

Here are the close ups to my layout "My Little Runner" With this layout I tried to keep it as simple as possible and also keep the brightness of the photos.

Here is the close up photos to my layout "She Plays Netball" 

I have notice while scrapping with these types of photos which I print smaller. I wanted to have a much cleaner and simpler layouts as I wish not to distract from the photos themselves as they are such a cool format.  

Thanks for stopping by ;)

iPhone Photos For The Week, Make Such Great Scrap Subject Matter!

Today I want to share some of the photos I took this week on my iPhone, and then I turned these photos in layouts!

These photos are of my youngest DD running her Cross Country and of course like a good mother I was armed with camera to watch this important event in her life. I am so super pleased with Sarah effort as she came second in her grade for the girls, who knew I has a little runner. 

After taking some shots on my iPhone I got the chance later in the afternoon to mess around with a app called "Pic Collage" Here I mixed 3 of the photo I took to create one. This is the photo I printed and scrapped. 

And here is my layout called My Little Runner

All so took photos of another event in my eldest DD life, here I have Grace playing netball for the first time this year.
I'm so glad that in her first year of high school she has chosen a sport to play since she is such a sporty kid.

Here I have again I have taken 3 separate shot and use the "Pic Collage", I also have cropped these images as well, since the original images my daughter is to far away.

 Now this is the image I used for this layout. 

Gosh I have only had my iPhone for just under a month, and who knew the pleasures I would have had playing with it. It has made my crafty and creative side very happy. And recording those special moment in my children's live has been made just that little be easier...or should I say smarter, thanks iPhone. 

Monday, 7 May 2012

Sunday's Are Like Putting On Your Most Comfortable Underwear.

Tonight while watching a bit of TV, ok two of my favourite shows Supernatural and Being Human (thank you Acer laptop) I am going to post what I made yesterday after a bit of blogging on a lovely lazy Sunday. I made another batch of 12 ATC's for the swap I'm in.

This time round the theme is houses and armed with the Kaisercraft "home sweet home" stamp, and a script stamp I came up with these little beauties. 

I must say that it feels great to be creating again after being suck on the lounge for a week, and even though I'm on the lounge again tonight, the urge to go create is still there. I hope tomorrow night when there is really nothing that great on TV, I can go and complete some more ATC, or even scrap a layout or an off the page project maybe. I think its time to start a scrapping list. ;)

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Make, Create, Happy

Last night I had the chance finally to come into my scrap room and do some creating, as all week I have been laid  up on the lounge with this silly ankle of mine.
So once I got myself into a comfortable position I started to make some ATC's, that have been well needed to do. Other wise I shall get behind in the year swap I have joined.
Last night I created two themes, one was a Season, I chose Summer and the other theme was Pet/Animal, and I chose pet and did my of our dog Bernie.

I must say it felt great to be in my scrap room and it felt fantastic knowing that I'm now caught up by an extra month with my ATC swap. I think I shall create some more this afternoon.

Silly Me

Well all my Facebook friends and all my Twitter follower know that this week my interesting news to share was that I may of possibly fracture my ankle :(

I am lucky enough to play netball on Tuesday mornings in a housewives roster. I love the interaction with other ladies that love the same sport as me and its another great way of keeping my fitness up, until I hit the ground silently screaming as I landed wrong on my ankle.


and more ouch 

So now I'm on crutches and r&r and waiting to have more scans to see what the damage is. 

Tomorrow is my second doctor appointment and I'm a little nervous I'm hoping that its not broken as I really cannot have time off at this time of the year. With the weather here turn dreadful and cold and with  4 children to run around,  soccer session just starting and Lance is extremely busy at work, we both don't have time for me to be laid up :(

I'm hoping for a speedy recovery non the less and I hope that its not the end to my netball session with a bunch of great ladies. 

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